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Our I&A team doing amazing work to transform lives!

Published on 07 April 2022 07:11 PM

Thanks to our amazing Information and Advice team, who work so hard to help our clients receive the money they are due to help make their lives easier, our client, Mr. M can now live without financial stress. Though suffering from health problems, 79-year-old Mr. M had continued to work and had deferred his state pension as he hadn’t realised he could claim it while still working.

Asking for help from Westminster CAB, they referred Mr. M to Age UK Westminster. Our Senior Information and Advice Coordinator, Susan Mustafa, was soon on the case and contacted the Pension Service. However, the Pension Service only wanted to backdate payments for 10 years but Susan was persistent, asking for it be backdated to the very beginning – which was August 2007.

When an award letter from the Pension Service arrived, confirming they have agreed to backdate his state pension to August 2007, Mr. M couldn’t believe it!  The lump sum back payment amount is a staggering £130,021.18 and his weekly state pension going forward is £196.07.

Mr. M is overwhelmed by the life-changing amount of money. Now, he is thinking about stopping working and just concentrating on enjoying his retirement. He now has the means to live the rest of his life without financial stress. Mr. M said, “I cannot thank AUKW enough, I will never forget the support they gave me. My life is going to change for the better.”

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