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Thank you Zita and Betty

Published on 04 October 2019 09:13 AM

Reminder Finders in LondonAge UK Wirral travelled to London to talk to university researchers, staff from other Age UKs and people who want to improve the way they work with people living with dementia.  We all met at Age UK’s Expert Briefing.

Zita, who attends our Reminder Finders group, and Betty, whose sister used to attend the group both told their story to a room full of people.  They also talked about how much they value Reminder Finders. This was a nerve-wracking experience for both Zita and Betty, but they talked from the heart and had everyone captivated.

A Proud Moment

We’ve already received emails praising their contribution and saying how lovely it was to hear real people talking about real experiences. A big thanks to both Zita and Betty for spending the day travelling to London to give this talk and for sharing their stories. It was a very proud moment to hear them talk so passionately about the support Reminder Finders provides, and how much they love being with our wonderful Reminder Finders Team. We hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Jenny Paton and Lisa Cummings

Reminder Finders is our weekly group for people who have recently had a diagnosis of Dementia and would like to maintain their cognitive skills for as long as possible. For more information email or call 0151 488 7804 to speak to the Reminder Finders Team