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We are a local charity that exists to support older people in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and the Eastern Dorset area to live happy, healthy, and independent lives.

Who we are

Age UK Bournemouth, Poole & East Dorset is an independent local charity. We exist to promote the health and well-being of people in later life by providing services; identifying gaps in provision; and by influencing policy and decision makers. 

Our offices can be found at 700 Wimborne Road Winton or 22 Victoria Road Ferndown

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How we are funded

We rely on your support to keep serving the community. We are supported by donations from the public, income from our charity shops, and some charitable grants. Without the dedication and kindness of our supporters we would not be able to provide the range of help that we are currently able to offer.

Who's Who


  • Chris Lockyer - Chairman
  • Amelia Adkins
  • Brendan Masterson
  • Zara Pinner
  • Kevin Jones
  • Keith Gawler
  • Sue Hazell
  • Alison Davis

Chief Executive Officer

  • Sarah Lloyd

Senior Management Team

  • Judith Livingstone - Head of Information and Operations
  • Gary Mason - Head of Health and Wellbeing Services
  • Kerry Bidgood - Head of Community Connections 

Management Team

  • Laura Hunt - Day Services Manager
  • Sarona Hebditch - Shop Manager (Poole)
  • Vacant-Shop Manager ( Wimborne)
  • Donna Lewis- Foot Care Manager
  • Sarah Kynoch- Help at Home Manager
  • Sarah Breuer- Facilities Manager 

Staff team

  • Jeff Homer - Minibus Driver
  • Gary Corrie - Transport Coordinator 
  • Ruth McIntyre - Community Support Worker
  • Kate Hirst - CST Facilitator
  • Michelle Robinson - Community Support Worker Team Leader
  • Vacant - Community Support Worker ( East Dorset)
  • Jake Carroll - Project Support Officer
  • Collette Payne - Information and Advice team leader 
  • Georgina Saunders - Information and Advice Officer 
  • Trish Mosely - Receptionist
  • Sarah Elliot - Booking Assistant 
  • Sue Farrell - CST Coordinator 
  • Helen Laurent- Foot Care Team Leader
  • John Radcliffe- Accounts Officer
  • Lyn Buckell- May- Accounts Assistant
  • Zoe Clayton Moss- Bookings Assistant 
  • Lisa Graham- Bookings Assistant 
  • Jackie Cooney- Bookings Administrator
  • Rod Whyte - Volunteer Administrator
  • Gemma Cherrett - General Administrator
  • Jan Green - Assistant Shop Manager
  • Vacant - HR Administrator
  • Debbie Stolton - Foot Care Assistant
  • Joanne Squibb- Information & Advice Officer
  • Anne Painter- Welfare Benefits Officer
  • Gemma Winthrop - CST Facilitator
  • Claire Ford – CST Facilitator
  • Jax Wood - CST Facilitator
  • Sally Saunders – Better Balance & CST Facilitator
  • Lisa Philp-Vieira – Day Service Cook
  • Helen Hutchins- Activites Coordinator
  • Diana Logan Watts- Activities Coordinator 
  • Alice-Marie Jaszec - Help at Home Assistant
  • Ann Rogers - Help at Home Assistant
  • Carol Owen - Help at Home Assistant
  • Dylan Connery - Help at Home Assistant
  • Georgina Rose-Jones - Help at Home Assistant
  • Gill Haywood - Help at Home Assistant
  • Jacquelyn Wood - Help at Home Assistant
  • Jenni Galway - Help at Home Assistant
  • Johanna Magee - Help at Home Assistant
  • Louise Groves - Help at Home Assistant
  • Lynn Pilling - Help at Home Assistant
  • Michelle Hawkins - Help at Home Assistant
  • Paula Brewer- Help at Home Assistant
  • Neil Seager - Help at Home Assistant
  • Bethany Pearce- Help at Home Assistant
  • Rachel Varley - Help at Home Assistant
  • Rose Metcalfe - Help at Home Assistant
  • Ella Docherty - Help at Home Assistant
  • Stella Holmes - Help at Home Assistant
  • Rebecca Peace - Help at Home Assistant
  • Hazel Davies  - Help at Home Assistant
  • Trish Mosely - Help at Home Assistant
  • Peter Symonds - Help at Home Assistant
  • Alex McCleish- Help at Home Assistant
  • Alison Cutbush- Help at Home Assistant
  • Anne Peters - Help at Home Assistant


What we do

  • We give advice

    Our trained advisors offer free information and advice to older people and their families. Over the last year our advisors helped local older people to claim tens of thousands of pounds that they were entitled to.

  • We offer help at home

    We offer home support services to help with shopping, cleaning and gardening. We help over 100 older people with basic tasks, such as food shopping, every month.

  • We befriend

    Our volunteer befrienders visit lonely older people in the community who have no one to talk to. Last year our volunteers visited hundreds of older people who would otherwise be alone.

  • We provide activities

    Our day centre and activities programme has a wide range of groups and events, such as lunch clubs and yoga classes, giving older people the opportunity to keep fit, socialise, or learn a new skill.