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The aim of Age UK Bromley & Greenwich is to support older people, their families and carers in the local community.  As demand increases for older peoples services we need to ensure that we are in a position to meet the needs of our community now and in the future.

As part of our strategy to improve services for older people we are planning to redevelop our building on Chislehurst High Street.  The building is coming to the end of its life expectancy and is no longer suitable for the services we wish to run to support the local community.

Redeveloping this site will give generate vital funds that will allow us to make significant improvements to the services we provide.  This means that we can help a wider group of people and ensure that the support we provide older people is sustainable in the long term.

So what happens next?

We plan to market the building from August 2021 with a view to selling it and surrounding site to a developer in 2022.  Our chosen development partner will develop the whole site including the current community centre and residential accommodation. 

We anticipate the redevelopment will take around two years and the site will be closed for the whole of this time.  The work is still in the planning stages at the moment, when we have more information we will ensure this is communicated.

As a condition of sale, the developer will need to include space on the ground floor of the newly developed site that can be used for Age UK Bromley & Greenwich to deliver services to older people.  We anticipate that the remainder of the site will contain private residential accommodation.

As we progress through the redevelopment we will welcome the views of the local community as to what services are needed and how the planned space could be best used. 


Age UK Bromley & Greenwich have appointed a development partner to redevelop our site. We anticipate the next phase of the development will take up to 18 months as plans are drawn up and submitted for permission. We will continue to update as the project progresses.

We would welcome any comments and feedback.  Please email us at although we can’t guarantee that we will be able to reply to every individual enquiry.  Please also indicate if you would like to receive e-updates on the project.