You could be one of the thousands of older people missing out on money due to you.  You'll never know unless you check. A range of support is available to help:

Age UK publications and factsheets

Age UK publications and factsheets - Detailed information and guidance on a number of money related topics.

Our guide 'More money in your pocket' has more information on what benefits are available for people over pension age and how you can claim them. Please see below

State pension
Most older people are entitled to a state pension but they still have to make a claim for it. If you haven't been contacted about claiming your state pension three months before you are due to reach pension age call the pension service on 0845 606 0265.

Pension Credit
There are two different types of Pension Credit for people who are pension age. Guarantee Credit is you weekly income less than £159.35 if you are single, or £243.25 if you are a couple. Savings Credit - There is not a savings limit for Pension Credit, but if you have more thank £10,000 this will affect the amount you recieve. For more information call: 0800 991 234 or visit the website link below also link for more details on Pension Credit

Winter Fuel Payment
If you have reached the qualifying age you may get a Winter Fuel Payment to help pay for keeping warm in winter. For more information call the Helpline: 08459 151 515 or visit the DirectGov website link below

Attendance Allowance
Request an Attendance Allowance claim form by phoning the Attendance Allowance Service Centre 0345 605 6055
Link for more details on Attendance Allowance below

Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independance Payment
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit that has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for all new claimants. If you need help with personal care or have difficulty walking and you're under 65, you must apply for PIP.
If you're over 65 and have care needs, you may be able to claim Attendance Allowance. If you already receive DLA, and you're of working age, you'll be contacted at some point before 2018 and invited to apply for PIP. For more information on DLA and PIP click the link below

TV Licence
Get a free or discounted TV licence by phoning TV Licensing 0844 800 6790 or visit the TV licensing website link below

Carer's Allowance
Request a Carer's Allowance claim form by phoning the Carer's Allowance Unit on 0845 608 4321
Visit the website to find out more information.
Click here fore more details on Carer's Allowance

Our benefits calculator
Find out exactly what you may be owed - quickly and easily - with our personalised benefits calculator. Even if you already claim some, you may be entitled to others. Try our benefits calculator.

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