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Below you can read just a few of the many comments we receive about our services and what it means to the individual to have our support. It's our charity's mission to provide support to enable an older person to live independently for as long as they wish, or is possible.

Older age can, for some, be an isolating and lonely time. We believe No One Should Have No One and are here to offer advice, welcoming clubs, friendship, and support in the home, whether it’s a major life change, or just a little extra help is needed.

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Service User Comments

Cambridgeshire Handyperson Service

“Thank you for arranging and fitting the hand grips in my shower. I can now use it with confidence.” 

“Thank you for arranging to have the grab rail and hand grips installed which I am delighted with, they have made my life so much easier, getting around outside and inside” 

“I would like to thank you all for the great work installing grab rails at my mother’s home. It has had a transformational impact on her life.” 

“Age UK Handyperson has fitted the handrail and given us some very valuable advice on our smoke detector lay out. What a nice guy, if only everyone could be so helpful.” 

“Just to thank you for the recent installation of grab handles for my husband. He is absolutely delighted and feels so much safer now climbing the stairs. 

"I would also like you to thank the gentleman that installed them. He was able to advise on the positioning of the handles and which ones would be best for our needs. He was extremely courteous and did a very good, neat and tidy job.” 

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Community Warden Service

“Thank goodness for Age UK CAP, where would people be without your support?! You have been amazing with my father, he obviously trusts you. Your help to explain our concerns has made a difficult conversation so much easier.” 

“Since having a warden visit, I have been much happier and with her support, I’m going out, meeting new friends. I don't mix very well because of my severe deafness but my warden is very good, friendly and caring.” 

“We have used Age UK CAP for several years now to support an elderly relative who wishes to live independently in her own home. The warden visits in the week, as well as providing practical support with tasks such as shopping, she provides invaluable companionship and emotional support. Our relative refers to her as a dear friend and is reassured by her visits. We know if there is a concern the warden will alert us. We value her judgement and experience. The charge for the service is modest and represents excellent value for money. As a family we are very grateful to have the support of the warden and have nothing but admiration for the work of Age UK CAP 

My Community Warden has been very supportive to me and my family. She has suggested things for me to do that have improved my daily life.” 

“I don’t know what I would do without my warden, she is so lovely, helpful and cheerful, nothing is too much trouble. I wouldn’t be able to cope at home on my own without her. It’s so comforting to know I have someone I can contact if I’m worried about anything. When I hear her voice on the phone, or see her smiling face, I feel lifted”

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Day Services

"Day Centre has made such a Difference to my wellbeing. I have been very depressed for a long time spending long hours on my own. My depression has lifted, and my mood has changed. I wanted to thank the team at the Day Centre for what they have done for me. I now have something to look forward to each week."

“I love it here. I have made friends and get to have a laugh and good conversation. I have something to talk to my wife about when I get home, she tells me about her day too. I feel a lot happier with life than I did a few months back.”

“You do an amazing job at the day centre. My husband needs a lot of care, and it gives me a break when he is at the day centre. He always enjoys going and it is a real lifeline for me.”

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Friendship Clubs

Testimonials to come

See our Friendship Clubs page

Home Support Service

The Home Support Service has made a huge difference to my life. I should have done it ages ago! 

Daughter said of Home Support Worker, “Shes absolutely brilliant, will chat as she works, is a very calming influence on my parents, and always checks before throwing anything out. Fantastic! 

“We are so lucky to have our Home Support Worker, she is efficient & amazing. If the only time she could come was 4am we would get up for her. She’s made our life so much easier as she does the jobs we are unable to, reaching high and cleaning behind toilets. We are so happy with her!” 

“Our Home Support Worker is marvellous, shes an angel. We wouldn’t be able to manage our shopping without her help” 

“Our Home Support Worker is a very nice lady, she is so helpful with all my housework as I am unable to do it now. She is very good” 

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Hospital Discharge and Admission Avoidance Support Service

It’s always nice to talk to genuine people. Thank you for listening to my concerns” 

“Your calls every week really lift me up. I have started a conversation upset and crying, you took your time to listen, and then I was laughing.  I am very grateful for your call every week. 

“The Hospital Discharge Worker is a wonderful man and so kind. He sorted out the issue with my pension and got my shopping for me. I couldn't have done this without his support” 

“Thank you all so much for the help and kindness shown to me. I really would have been utterly lost without you all.  I still miss my daily chats, but all good things come to an end.” 

“I am so thankful for your support, it has really helped me regain some independence” 

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Household Support Fund

“I was so worried after my bank account was cleared last week, now I have some money to buy food. The extra £200 from you today will make such a difference to me. I am so grateful to you all.” 

“May I say a BIG THANK YOU to the Household Support Fund team. Thanks to your help I have been awarded enough funds to purchase 500 ltrs of heating oil. This will keep me and my wife warm and cosy over the winter. Thank you.” 

“I would like to thank you for the two payments which I have received from the fund. I had no idea that this money was available and only found out when I received your email” 

You truly are an angel.  I have been feeling so ill and not been sleeping as I have been so worried about not having any oil this winter, thank you so much” 

Girton Older Resident's Co-ordinator

“The service has been consistently helpful through this difficult time, and we thank you most sincerely.”

See our Girton Older Resident's Co-ordinator page

Information and Advice

“You have been a great help and pointed us in the right direction when we didn't know where to turn. The information you provided was really helpful, and your help and support has been invaluable. Totally unknown territory for us, your guidance has been very much appreciated. Thank you!” 

"My financial position has improved thanks to your help. I was awarded pension credit, a council tax exemption and a water discount - thank you so much.” 

“Thank you for all your help, my wife has now received the higher rate Attendance Allowance. I am so grateful and recommend you to my friends who are in a similar position.” 

“Thank you, I do not feel so alone with my worry. 

“I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for me. To think that those evil people took all my money, then to think that such wonderful people as you are here to rescue me from this terrible nightmare. I just thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

See our Information and Advice Service page

Sharing Time

“Thank you for coming to see me just now. It was really good just to have another human being in the room. You can see how anxious I can get, and you really helped me by letting me talk things through.” 

“Thank you and your volunteers, for all the time and trouble they invested in Dad”

“Sharing Time was a wonderful scheme. I really enjoy my visits on a Friday” 

“ My volunteer has been with me for over 4 years, and I could not imagine life without her. She is my go-to lady and means so much more to me than just a volunteer.”

“ My volunteer is my wonderful friend, and he brightens up my day.”

“ My volunteer has been so marvellous and kind - I love speaking with her every week and it’s really nice to speak to someone outside of the family. When I don’t see anyone for days on end, my call from her has been my line with the outside world. She always cheers me up and her call really helps me get through the day.”

See our Sharing Time Service page

Telephone Befriending Service

“My volunteer is like the daughter I never had; she is absolutely lovely” 

See our Telephone Befriending Service page

Visiting Support Service for Older People - Peterborough

You have done an amazing job to help me. I was already giving up in everything, I had lost hope, but Age UK CAP wiped my tears. Thank you and continue with the great work.” 

“Age UKCAP came at the right time to save me from drowning in my sorrows, you picked me up, now I feel better and have coping strategies through all the support Age UK CAP introduced to me. Great service that is needed at our age group.” 

“I am very grateful for the reassurance you gave me. You have spoken more sense and given me more information than anybody I have spoken to at the hospital.” 

“I cannot thank you enough for all your help. You have always been there for us all and we have been able to call you at any time for advice. You have not just been a support for Mum and Dad but also for the family, we think of you as our friend.” 

“Age UK did a wonderful job with support to maximise my income and sourcing trusted services for my home, I feel safe, and I can now manage to pay for taxi fares for my medical appointments.” 

See our Visiting Support Service for Older People page

Volunteer Comments

Sharing Time Volunteers

“Volunteering for the Sharing Time service is rewarding, and I have learned a lot from the person I am matched to including gardening and growing up decades ago. It's an intergenerational exchange more than anything else” 

“It is absolutely rewarding to be a small part of another person’s life from an older generation; I love hearing the stories and their lived history” 

“One thing that made me realise how important befriending is, was when the neighbour of the man I visit said to me "You don't realise the difference your visits have made, he has a smile back on his face that we haven't seen for years". This made me really happy to be a volunteer for Age UK CAP” 

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Telephone Befriending Volunteers

“It is interesting how a sense of real friendship can develop over the phone, and that makes the contact very satisfying.” 

"I genuinely look forward to my Sunday conversations with my service user and he informs me that they are a highlight of his week! He is a lovely man, and we never find ourselves short of topics to discuss.” 

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Age UK are the most professional charity that I do voluntary work for. They are so responsive and supportive of their volunteers. They have made positive life changing difference to the people with whom I am asked to supportGreat charity that provides the widest most comprehensive range of support services to its clients 

“I love visiting my Service User on a Wednesday, I enjoy every minute, we have a lovely chat, and a jolly good laugh. As well as helping another person, this has also helped me, as life can be very lonely at times” 

“I hope I help by listening, but I gain too by making a new friend in similar circumstances as myself.”

“ Listening and learning about what people have experienced and coped with in their lives is a great tonic for my life.”

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Other Comments


“Since my uncle was discharged from hospital, I have used Age UK CAP services many times. I live 150 miles away so having your support has been amazing. From using the handyman service for general maintenance, the home help service weekly to ensure my Uncle’s fridge is sorted, food thrown away when out of date and cleaning his bungalow, to the buddy support service phoning him weekly, I can honestly say without this support my Uncle would more than likely now be in a care home. Your amazing staff have been more than supportive, without your help I would find it impossible to support my Uncle. I know I can always phone or email and if possible, the team will organise or point me in the right direction. Again, I can’t thank you enough for  you care and understanding.”

Professional Partners

"Age UK CAP has prevention at their core, and unlike some agencies are always able to present an authentic view from the perspective of their users. They are significant partners, and their input has been incredibly valuable across the system as we look collectively to support our residents in ever more effective ways.” Oliver Morley, Huntingdonshire District Council Corporate Director (People) Huntingdonshire District Council

"Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is an important member of the Older People’s Partnership Board. As a key provider of services to older people they bring insights into the broader issues that are impacting on people’s lives, identifying issues, and working with both statutory and community and voluntary sector organisations to meet those needs.” Partnership Development Manager Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CIC