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All one has to do is ask

Stan is now an active member of Age UK Camden but he and his late wife first came to us for help on issues they were worried about.

“The services that me and my late wife were offered did above all make our lives more comfortable and for me continue to do so now that I am on my own.

“We were fortunate enough to get useful help and information on many matters that worried us but which we didn’t know how to deal with. Age UK Camden, or Age Concern as it then was, became an essential part of our lives. We felt secure inasmuch that we could get help, even with the most trivial things that worried us. All we had to do was ask. Since it became Age UK Camden I have become aware that the various services that are on offer have increased well beyond expectations.

“One of my neighbours recently asked me about Attendance Allowance. I gave him the Age UK Camden telephone number and he got immediate satisfaction, with a single phone call.

“A recent monthly coffee morning was devoted to people who, like myself, are hard of hearing. The information that I got was more than sufficient to put me in touch with the right people who would be able to help. Result: within just a matter of 21 days my problem is being dealt with to my satisfaction.

“These monthly coffee mornings invariably have speakers that offer a great deal of advice and assistance in many areas of life that are important to older people, so they are well worth coming to. And, of course, they get one out of the house and most importantly, in touch with other people.

“But, of course one of the main attractions that Age UK Camden has to offer, is that most of the services are free and there is a handy leaflet that tells us all about them. All one has to do is ask.”

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