These case studies show how the information and advice team can help.

Mrs P

Mrs P Mrs P is 88 years old, and lives on her own in council accommodation. She has a number of health conditions including arthritis, which means that she can find it difficult to manage day to day activities like shopping and getting around in her home.

Mrs P came to Age UK Camden to find out if she could get any financial help, as she couldn’t afford to pay someone to help her.

Our information and advice team did a financial assessment and benefits check, and as a result helped Mrs P to apply for Attendance Allowance, and also a disability premium.

As a result of this Mrs P was awarded an extra £144.15 per week. her wellbeing has greatly improved, she can now get help with her shopping and cleaning, and feels that her dignity has been restored.

Mr D

Mr D recently lost his wife, and was finding it difficult to deal with bills and correspondence as his wife had always helped with these.

Our adviser assisted Mr D to make benefit claims in his own right, and liaised with each of the relevant services to follow these up.

Our adviser also helped Mr D to work out a weekly budget for shopping, and put him in touch with some support groups, and social activities so that he wouldn’t feel alone.

Mr D feels more able to cope financially now, after being awarded Pension Credit, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, he finds his paperwork less overwhelming, and he has started to go out to a local resource centre a few days a week to make new friends.