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Age UK Cheshire unites with Age UK Cheshire East

Published on 17 June 2024 08:12 AM

Age UK Cheshire unites with Age UK Cheshire East, pioneering a new era for older people support.

The merger between Age UK Cheshire and Age UK Cheshire East marks a significant leap forward in enhancing services for older people across Cheshire.

Combining decades of expertise and resources, the merged entity, operating under the name Age UK Cheshire, is set to redefine support for the region's older residents. This strategic alliance promises to expand access to vital services, ensuring a more comprehensive support network.

Central to this merger is the commitment to maintain and amplify the quality of care and support services offered, with both organisations bringing a rich history of community engagement and advocacy for older people’s welfare. Based in Cheshire, the combined organisation aims to become a beacon of innovation and care in the region.

Rebecca Hemshall, Chair of Age UK Cheshire, expressed, “Uniting with Age UK Cheshire East is not just about merging two organisations; it is about forging a new path in our mission to support older people. Our combined efforts will ensure that we are not just responding to the needs of today but leading the way into a future where every older person in Cheshire has the opportunity to live their best life.”

“As we embark on this journey together, we’re driven by a shared vision to innovate and enhance our services. This merger allows us to reach further, advocate louder, and make a deeper impact on the lives of older people in our community.”

“Looking ahead, we’re excited about the opportunities this merger presents. We’re inviting the community, our partners, and all stakeholders to join us in this pivotal moment. Together, we can build a future where older people in Cheshire live life to the fullest.”

Age UK Cheshire’s merger with Age UK Cheshire East is underpinned by a shared ethos of compassion, innovation, and a commitment to the welfare of older people. This union is poised to set a new standard in care and support for older people.

Jenni Hardy, Chair at Age UK Cheshire East, added, “This merger is a testament to our belief in the power of collaboration. By coming together, we are not just strengthening our services but also reinforcing our commitment to the older people of Cheshire.”

The merged organisation will begin on the 1st of July, with both organisations working seamlessly to ensure a smooth transition and continuation of all existing support services.

Age UK Cheshire is a fully registered charity that works with older people to support them in living their best life by relieving loneliness, combatting poverty, and increasing independence.