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Gift a call. Share the warmth.

Your £3 can help support an isolated older person in Lancashire.

We are asking people to ‘Gift A Call’ and support our ‘More than a Call’ Winter Appeal.

Last winter saw a 50% surge in calls from older people, with an even greater demand for services anticipated this winter and we are committed to meeting these needs.

During the months of November and December, we are appealing for people to support our #MoreThanACall campaign. A £3 donation, equivalent to the price of a single coffee, can profoundly impact the life of a vulnerable older person. Through the 'More than a Call' appeal, we hope to fund an additional 2,000 calls at a cost of £3 per call.

Year after year calls have increased for our Information Helpline from older people that are facing isolation, loneliness, and are being affected by the cost-of-living crisis. A simple call to our Information Helpline can open the door to support and this has proven to be a lifeline for many older people.

Eileen, 82, contacted our Information Helpline having felt isolated post lockdown. Her Husband’s health was slowly declining and the loss of her close three friends and relocation of another meant she had no one to tun to.

Following a single call, we had referred Eileen onto our befriending service ‘Good Day Calls’, where she received advice and support with benefit claims and was visited by one of our Digital Inclusion Navigators and can now navigate the internet and be more aware of online scams.

Eileen has seen a noticeable difference within herself because of the support received. Her confidence is back and the weekly ‘Good Day Calls’ have improved her wellbeing.

Eileen Said:

"The support I have received from Age UK Lancashire has been incredible and I can’t thank them enough. The support and kindness myself and my husband have received since initially contacting them has really eased our worries and increased my own confidence. It opened the door to so much support which I wasn’t even aware of. I know there will be so many older people that aren’t aware of the support from Age UK Lancashire and there are benefits out there."

Winter is an especially daunting time for older people, and data from the 2021 census reveals 1 in 25 older people in parts of Lancashire live alone, and without central heating. Having limited money in later life really impacts day-to-day living, exacerbating feelings of loneliness and disconnection from society.

Teri Stephenson, our CEO said:

"The demands on our Information Helpline during winter is increasing. We know the challenges that older people face during the colder months and Age UK Lancashire are committed to being there for them. Sadly, stories like Eileen are very common and so it’s vital that we are at the end of the line when we’re needed to offer support and advice. The service is so vital to the work we do and supporting thousands of older people during the winter. With limited funding, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to donate and this year's ‘More Than a Call’ appeal will fund the additional calls we receive during the winter."

We have been supporting older people across Lancashire for 75 years and have become a trusted friend to them. In 2022/23, over 72,000 hours were dedicated to help tackle loneliness, enable older people to live independently and engage with vulnerable older people in the county.