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We can provide bespoke Pre-Retirement planning courses ideal for your organisation and workplace, no matter what size your business is. Our one-day workshops are designed to recognise the importance of helping your employees plan for their future retirement and major life transition.  People who have attended our courses tell us they feel more motivated and less worried about the prospect of entering retirement, which has a positive impact on their wellbeing and productivity.

The key areas focused on within our one-day workshops include:

  • Money and Tax 
  • Legal issues
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Planning your time and activities in retirement

Employers, HR and Operations Managers will be able to:

  • Inform employees in all aspects of retirement planning and formulate a personal retirement plan
  • Respond more effectively to skills management, resource and succession planning issues in the workplace
  • Support employees and recognise them for their service and contribution
  • Create a culture of support and transparency, giving all involved the confidence to have discussions about retirement, skills, knowledge retention and succession planning
For a full breakdown of the workshop download our booklet below. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0300 303 1234 or by email



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Download our Employers Pre-Retirement Workshop Booklet

Age UK Lancashire uses a transparent and open process to choose the Solicitors, Independent Financial Advisors and Health Trainers who deliver the technical content on the workshops. We have clear expectations and criteria for choosing each business who delivers sessions on our workshops. Age UK Lancashire are not an introducer and we are not paid by the businesses who are delivering the course modules. Age UK Lancashire’s role is to facilitate the workshops and we are not responsible for the technical content.