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We believe that it's important to tell the powerful stories of our clients and their journeys with us.  Not only does it help to amplify their voices within our community, but it raises awareness of challenges experienced in later life and the true impact that we make.  All stories have been shared with us with consent, and personal information and identities have been protected.

1. Home visits and individual support

A Community Support Worker from Age UK Norwich carried out a home visit to a client with concerns surrounding social isolation, health and finances.  

He was living in an extremely unhealthy living environment and wanted help to de-clutter and have a deep clean.  He also felt comfortable to open up about a traumatic event that he had suffered over a decade ago.

Together, they discussed his options.  She made referrals to other agencies and later attended a GP appointment with him, motivating him to take care of his health.

He told her that: 'You are an angel sent from heaven to help me; I would not be here if you had not come along. Nobody has cared and helped me so much before, you have given me the confidence to address life again.'

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2. Health coaching

Following a period of illness and a hospital stay, a former Age UK Norwich volunteer identified that she needed to improve her fitness and build her strength and stamina after a long period of inactivity.
The client took part in 1:1 home sessions, improving her cardiovascular stamina, strength, balance and confidence.
'On my return from two spells in hospital, I felt very weak and seemed to have little motivation. [The Health Coach] was encouraging and adapted to my changing physical needs with great empathy and humour.'
After completing the programme, she went on to attend a local fitness group and resumed her normal schedule of volunteering activities.

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3. Hardship support

A client was experiencing significant health problems, causing her to be practically immobile and housebound.  After the death of her husband, she felt isolated and was struggling financially.

Age UK Norwich helped her to receive some financial support. She was so delighted that she booked a taxi to go to the seaside on her own, where she grew up.  She wanted to just sit there and 'see the sea again, as it's been years and I might not get another chance'.  

When asked how this made her feel, she said: 'I felt so much better, it really gave me a lift and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but never had the courage or money to do it’.

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