Get advice from one of our advocatesLater years can sometimes bring unwelcome changes in lifestyle due to poor health and reduced mobility. Growing dependence on others can lead to a loss of confidence and privacy.

Some people feel they no longer have control over their own lives, decisions are made for them and they are not given real choices. Those without close family or friends may feel particularly vulnerable. An advocate can help you feel more in control.

The service

Our advocacy service is independent and trustworthy. Advocacy officers work with a team of trained volunteers who will give information to older people enabling them to make decisions which affect their lives.

Our volunteers will help and support an older person on a one-to-one basis. When necessary the volunteer will contact statutory agencies and other organisations on an older person's behalf.

We can help with issues concerning:

  • housing
  • residential and nursing homes, either helping to understand the funding and assessment procedure, or challenging issues when residents and their families disagree with decisions made by authorities
  • utilities such as water, gas and electricity

Legal service

Local solicitors visit our offices in Shrewsbury and Telford on the third Thursday of the month and offer 15 minutes of free advice. Appointments are necessary and can be arranged by contacting our offices.

Redwoods Centre Advocacy Service

We visit two wards at the Redwoods Centre, unannounced, to support patients. Also, on the second Saturday of every month, volunteers are present at the Redwoods Centre. They discuss issues of concern with patients' relatives.

Do you need help?

Our advocates are happy to answer your questions, but it is best to telephone before dropping in to the Shrewsbury office, where they are based. They may be out of the office on a complex problem so please make an appointment.

In certain circumstances, it is possible to arrange a home visit.

For further information contact Robert Smith, Sharon Williamson or Geraldine Williams, advocacy officers at our Shrewsbury Office on 01743 357 748.

How you can help

Our advocacy service is here to help older people make the most of later life. To ensure that this service remains free, we rely on donations from supporters.

If you would like to help us continue to provide vital services, support, information and advice, please make a donation today by visiting our MyDonate page or by calling us on 01743 233 123.