Formerly known as the Volunteer Befriending Service, this is a specialist service which enables older people to receive social and practical support at home, and also enables isolated people to interact with others either at home or in their local community.

Linking People Together: 0121 704 7846

What is Linking People Together (befriending?)

This service provides person-centred support for older people living in the community in order to promote individual independence, confidence and well being.  The service is delivered by trained volunteers.

The services currently offered by Linking People Together are:

  •  Home-based Befriending
  • Telephone Befriending
  • Practical help with small tasks
  • Basic Advice

Three Community Activities: 

  • Weekly Afternoon Club in Olton
  • Weekly Lunch Club in Olton
  • Weekly Pop-In Club in Temple Balsall

Please contact Linking People Together (befriending) for availability of spaces at any of the clubs.

Video: Linking People Together

Please view the short video below about our Linking People Together service, formerly Volunteer Befriending Service at the time of filming.

Linking People Together operates a waiting list for all services and is currently prioritising older people who are:

  • Housebound
  • Have a long term illness
  • Have no family living locally
  • Have low level memory loss
  • Aged 75 and over

Astra (Volunteer Befriender) with a client

This service is currently free to service users (voluntary contributions are required for clubs and activities).

The Volunteer Befriending Service always requires new volunteers – can you spare a couple of hours a week to support an older person to maintain their independence and well being?  Please talk to the Volunteer Befriending Service on 0121 704 7846 or the Volunteer Co-ordinator on 0121 704 7843.

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