Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of all older people and make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Who we are

Age is different for everyone and, of course, the challenges and the demands are different for everyone, too. At Age UK Sutton, we are many things to many people – a source of advice, information, companionship and support, among many other things.

What we do

We believe that everyone can love later life - we do this by inspiring, supporting and enabling in a number of ways.

  • To encourage choice and opportunity for older people.
  • To be a direct service provider of high quality services for older people.
  • To ensure that older people are aware of, and have access to, the benefits to which they are entitled.
  • To promote & safeguard independence as key to ensuring happiness and quality of life in later life.
  • To advocate on behalf of older people.
  • To promote positive attitudes towards older people and ageing.

Our objective is to promote the well being of all older people in the community. We value older people and believe that later life should be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

How we do it

We provide a range of services in response to the needs of older people and work with a number of partners, groups and organisations to guide, support and help older people, their families, carers and the community to love later life.

We achieve our aims through four main areas of work:

  • Providing services and support directly to older people in the Borough of Sutton
  • Public education and social advocacy
  • Innovation and research
  • Partnership and co-operation with other organisations

Further information