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At Age UK Sutton (AUKS), we know of some great walking activities that are delivered by our Let’s Connect Team and activity partners:

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Our Nordic Walking runs across Sutton throughout the week, including in Beddington Park, Manor Park and Sears Park. Nordic Walking is a full-body workout using specially designed poles to assist your upper body. It is a great walk that can be adapted to any pace or ability. We have fully qualified instructors and group leaders who will be able to teach you techniques and support you throughout the walks. The parks we have chosen all have accessible routes with plenty of benches along the paths, toilets and a café so walkers can relax with a drink after the walk if they want to.

Please do not attend a class without booking a place first.

Deatails and booking

Please note booking is essential – you cannot attend a Nordic Walking session without a booking. Sessions are £3, with your first trial free. You can pay via bank transfer, cheque, over the telephone or in person; we will explain this in more detail when you join.

Please use the contact information below for more information and to book a free trial.


Seears Park
Tuesdays at 10.15am

Seears Park - Google Maps 

Rosehill Park
Wednesdays at 10.30am

Rosehill Park - Google Maps 

Beddington Park
Fridays at 1.00pm

Beddington Park - Google Maps 

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Our Social Walking group runs every week at Mellows Park. This walk is a slower-paced walk with plenty of opportunity for walking and talking with others. The park offers accessible toilets, a café and lots of flat paths with benches along the way.

Details and booking

No booking is required for our social strolls, you can join each week for FREE

Mellows Park
Thursdays 12:00pm

Mellows Park - Google Maps

Button House, Hackbridge
Fridays 2:00pm

Brio Button House, Hackbridge - Google Maps

Manor Park
Wednesdays 2:00pm

Manor Park - Google Maps

Please use the contact information below to find out more.

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The Proper Blokes Club
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We are proud to be Activity Partners with The Proper Blokes Club. These are men's walking groups which are welcoming to all with two locations in the Borough of Sutton, offering accessible walks with flat paths throughout.

Details and booking

Sutton United Football Club - Google Maps

St Mary's Church, Beddington Park - Google Maps

Walks run in Sutton on Thursday at 7:00pm meeting outside Sutton United football club and in Beddington Park on Tuesdays at 7:00pm meeting outside St Mary's Church.

Walks are FREE to attend.

Please use the contact information below to find out more.

The Proper Blokes Club contact details 486 x 486.png

Click here to find out more.

Across the Borough, there are lots of other social walks run by other organisations too.

Below are the activities that we have discovered through our research:

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*Please note, the list of activities on this page contains essential information only. To find out more about them including how to join, please contact the providers directly.

Do you know about an activity that isn’t on our list?

Tell us so we can get the activity added to our lists.

To print the What's On guide, please use the link below:

Let's Walk What's On Guide (PDF, 3.0 MB)