Read how Advocacy helped *Vernon overcome his difficulties with his energy provider

Vernon, 71, came to us for help with his energy provider. Having switched providers the previous autumn, Vernon had yet to receive a bill despite making several requests and diligently providing regular meter readings. He had been given a complaints reference from his energy provider, but nothing was resolved, and he still hadn’t received a bill.

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The situation with his energy provider, which had been ongoing for several months, was mentally draining for Vernon. He was very worried about the prospect of receiving a large bill in the future and being unable to pay.

He felt ignored and did not know what more he could do to get a response from his energy provider.

How we were able to help....

The first thing Vernon’s advocate did was to provide information on Ofgem regulations pertaining to the energy provider. The advocate highlighted the fact that the energy provider was required to work with customers to ensure they wouldn’t be damaged financially by their error. This reassured Vernon that he could agree repayment on his own terms with the energy provider once a bill had been delivered.

With Vernon’s permission, his advocate telephoned Vernon’s energy provider to ask them for the bill, and was told it would be delivered within 7 to 10 working days.

Vernon was sceptical, having received the same promise before, and so his advocate worked with Vernon to write a letter to his energy provider, noting the verbal assurances given to both Vernon and the advocate about the delivery of the bill. Following the telephone call and letter, Vernon received his bill within the time promised. He was very relieved and was empowered to liaise with his energy provider to pay the charges without any difficulty.

Of his experience with advocacy, Vernon said: "I am very pleased with the service. I am glad to know you are there in case of any future problems.”

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