Read how befriending helped *Marilyn get back on her feet 

90-year-old Marilyn loves a good chat.

She used to own a toy shop, and was happiest in her store. 18 years after her husband passed, Marilyn reached out to Age UK Sutton. Her children were busy raising their families and she only saw them occasionally at weekends. Now, with ill health leaving her housebound, and with little social contact during the week, this once gregarious lady was feeling extremely low. 

How befriending helped Marilyn 

After chatting with Marilyn, we matched her to a befriender, who lived close by. Marilyn’s befriender visited her often during the week, and the two whiled the hours away just chatting. For Marilyn, just having someone to talk to was a great boost. Her spirits and her health began to improve. 

Once she was back on her feet and with her befriender’s support, Marilyn began attending her local church’s lunch club, and also went alone to an Age UK Sutton coffee group. Thanks to the support offered by her Community Helpers befriender, Marilyn soon found herself with a lot more friends in her community, and feeling happier about life. 

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