Read how our Internet & Computer Classes helped *Barry become a confident tablet user 

When Barry was given his Christmas gift, he was both pleased and a little perturbed to find himself the owner of a tablet. Barry, who is in his 80s,digital inclusion had never had an experience with computers, so he didn’t know how to get started with this tablet.

When we visited Barry at his home, we found a gentleman who was motivated and willing to learn, and eager to get started. Barry said he was most looking forward to getting in touch with his family who lived abroad.

After showing Barry and his wife how to charge their new tablet, we offered him a range of options for learning how to use it. Barry thought he would benefit the most from a personalised session with a Digital Inclusion Volunteer, so this was set up for him.

Taming the tablet

Jim*, one of Age UK Sutton’s Digital Inclusion Volunteers, guided Barry through the process of setting up his tablet before explaining its features and what it could do. Supported by Jim, Barry was able to explore the main functions on his tablet and how to use apps.

Thanks to the help he received from Jim, Barry is now very comfortable using his tablet. He has set up his Facebook profile and created an email account, which he uses to keep in touch with his family abroad.

“I’m very happy with the help I received. It’s much easier to keep in touch with my family now.”

*names have been changed
*Picture is not representative of named individual(s)

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