*Janice, a regular gardening client, tells her story 

One of our clients Janice is 75 and lives in Carshalton with her son who supports her when needed. She tells me that her long term friends have either passed away or moved away but she attends different day groups to keep herself busy

In her own words...

In 2003 I had a bad fall on the pavement outside and smashed my wrists. I was taken to hospital and my arm was put in a sling.

Due to my fall I found that I was unable to do all those practical jobs like cleaning and shopping. At the time my children lived far away and I had some good neighbours who use to help with small tasks.

I turned to Age UK who offered me a Helping Hands service. The Helping Hand supported me with house chores like cleaning and shopping.

During this period I was unable to keep my garden neat and tidy like usual. I explained my concerns to my Helping Hand who informed me that Age UK also had a gardening service.

I decided to take up the gardening service in 2003 and have had it since on a regular basis; every 2 weeks. It gives me peace of mind to know that my garden will be looked after by people that can be trusted.

I always get a call the day before to confirm my gardening appointment, and sometimes we end up having long conversations over the phone! It is nice to know that Age UK are there to help

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