Read how *Claire is now warm and well in her home thanks to our Information & Advice team 

Claire,76, lives alone. Her family doesn't live locally, and she has a number of health problems including osteoarthritis, which made it difficult for her to get around and attend to her own care needs.

Information & Advice case study

Claire came to us seeking help to have her boiler replaced. It had broken down beyond repair, and with no heating or hot water, Claire's health problems were worse. Having been forced to retire and with no redundancy payments she could count on, Claire had no cover or savings to go towards the expense of a new boiler, and she was under a great deal of stress.  

How we helped 

It was clear to us that Claire urgently needed help. We made an application to the Elizabeth FinnTrust to buy a new boiler for Claire, and also told her about the Warm Home Discount Scheme. We also applied for Attendance Allowance, a Taxi Card and Dial-A-Ride for Claire.

We were pleased when Claire was awarded £2500 for a new boiler, and £800 for additional funds. She was also found to be eligible for the Warm Home Discount and was keen to apply for it. And although Claire's inital application for Attendance Allowance was refused, we assisted her to submit a mandatory reconsideration for a claim.

Speaking of her experience, Claire said “Age UK Sutton is a wonderful organization, I am so grateful for the help I have received. I am lovely and warm and have hot water. Thank you so much for all your help.”

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