Read how getting involved in Nordic Walking helped Edwina overcome her depression 

When Edwina, 66, first came to us, she was extremely low and depressed. Without her husband, who had passed away, Edwina became her disabled son's full-time carer, and only had a small window of respite once a week when her son was taken out by an assistant.

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We initally connected Edwina with telephone befriending, which gave her the encouragement she needed to connect with social groups in the community. Edwina had previously enjoyed knitting but found it difficult to concentrate since her husband's death, and also needed an activity that would fit with her caring duties.  

Walking her way to happiness

After considering Edwina's needs, we suggested she join our Nordic Walking group, which would not only let her meet some new friends, but also get her some mood-boosting exercise. We didn't want Edwina to feel nervous on her first-day, so we ensured we were there on her first day at the group to welcome her and make introductions. 

Today, Edwina is a much happier person, with a more confident, postiive outlook on her life and some good friends made through the Nordic Walking group. As an added bonus, a long-term shoulder problem she had was cleared up thanks to her increased activity. 

Reflecting on her experience, Edwina said "Nordic Walking has improved my flexibility and I've made good friends."

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