Finding a solicitor is always easier if you have one recommended to you. That is why Age UK Sutton has developed a partnership programme with a few solicitors selected by us.

We can refer you to a trusted solicitor

We have built a relationship with local partners, interviewing them to ensure they share the Age UK ethos and values, and ensuring they offer a personalised service that puts you first.

You may require the services of a solicitor for a variety of reasons

 From help with making a will to arranging power of attorney, from moving house to planning equity release, there are a variety of reasons why you may need to consult a solicitor. We understand this is an important event, and can help you with choosing the right solicitor for you.

To arrange a referral, please use the information below to contact us. Once we speak with you, we will contact one of our partner solicitors on your behalf, and they in turn with contact you within 2 working days and inform you of the cost of the service you require. You are free to choose whether to accept our referral or be referred to an alternative provider.

Contact us for a referral:

Tel:  020 8770 4090


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