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Get involved

Fundraising does not have to be intensive, we’ve had mountains climbed in the past on our behalf (Kilimanjaro, if you’re wondering) – but not all fundraising has to involve a physical challenge. 

It could be as simple as asking your local pub to host one of our donation goblets. Or it could be as exciting as doing a bungee jump with your gran (YES!). You could hold a bake sale or a raffle at work, run your first 5k or compete in your fifth marathon.

Whatever you choose to do, by supporting Age UK Sutton as a fundraiser, you do invaluable work, not only by raising money for Age UK Sutton, but also highlighting our cause.

1. Decide on your event

There’s a fundraising event for everyone. Would you like to be the star of your fundraising or share the glory as part of a group? What are you good at and how could you challenge yourself? You could use this as an opportunity to try something you've always wanted to.

Be inspired with some fun fundraising ideas below

The Great Cake Bake

Encourage your colleagues to bring in home-baked (or shop-bought) goodies to sell in the office. It’s a simple way to raise money and will perk up the morning coffee break.

Get quizzical

Quiz nights take place in pubs across the UK and are always popular. Why not organise your own and raise funds for Age UK Sutton?

Throw a party

Perhaps a themed dinner party, a murder mystery evening, games night, karaoke, barbeque – if it gets people together, it can be a fundraiser. Impress your guests with your hosting skills and charge them a small donation for the food or games.

Sponsored anything

Swim, walk, run, silence and pie eating! Most things can be sponsored so the choice is yours. What would your friends and colleague consider an absolute challenge or daring? Maybe they think you're inseparable from your iphone or unable to not get the car everywhere. Prove them wrong and some raise money for older people.

Go wild

Let your imagination run wild - the more creative the more publicity you may get and the more people might support you. So get that thinking cap on, is there a world record you could attempt or something that could involve all your work colleagues?

2. Set up a fundraising page

Simply set up your fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving. It's really easy - either login with Facebook or sign up with your email.

Why not set up a page in memory of an older person who means a lot to you? You can even connect with you friends to see what fundraising they're doing

You can also find us on Localgiving, which often runs matchfunding iniatives and competitions, which could see you double (or, dare we say, triple!) your fundraising goal

If you'd like to use another fundraising platform other than Localgiving or Virgin Money Giving, then contact us and let's talk about how best we can support your fundraising project 

3. Spread the word

Let your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers know what you have planned, and how you’re helping such a great cause. Keep them updated with how preparations are going and, of course, how they can donate to you!

And of course, don't forget to keep us updated on your event. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google + and we'll be sure to get the world out for you. Tag us using the hashtag #24Kfor25Y on your social posts. We love seeing your pictures and all the great fundraising you're doing.

4. Pay in your money

Sending us the funds you've raised is simple! If you haven't connected with us on Virgin Money Giving or Localgiving, just pay the donations into your own account, and send a cheque made payable to Age UK Sutton to:

Age UK Sutton
2 Lower Square
St Nicholas Way 
Sutton SM1 1EA

Fundraising top tips

Ask your employer: Ask your company if it has a matched-giving scheme, which means it'll match your fundraising pound for pound. And don't forget to involve your workmates in your fundraising activities.

Set a target: Try setting yourself a fundraising target. It's easier if you divide your fundraising target and work towards an amount each month instead of one big sum.

Don't give up: Persistence really pays off! There's nothing wrong with sending out reminders a couple of weeks after your first request for donations. Keep people updated with how your preparations are going and get everyone involved.

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