To help people aged 50+ with a diagnoses of dementia in Sutton to improve their wellbeing and become less lonely and isolated in the community. To support them to mix with others in a social setting, based on commonly enjoyed activities. 

As each Person with dementia has their own needs and interest the buddy can support with the following;

  • Helping people with dementia to access local social groups and activities
  • Supporting  people dementia and their carers  to set up small social groups, based on shared interests

Responsible to: Community Helpers Manager

Summary of duties: The volunteer role can include:

  • Attending a Group to support Carers and people with Dementia for facilitating Afternoon tea groups making refreshment and leading the group
  • Helping people with Dementia to build their confidence and encouraging them to feel valued and respected through sharing their situations, interests and life histories.
  • Helping people with dementia to maintain interests and hobbies that are important to them.
  • Supporting people with dementia to find out about activities and social groups in their area and exploring what they might like to take part in.
  • Finding out what difficulties individuals may have accessing social groups and helping them to find ways of overcoming these difficulties.
  • Accompanying a person with dementia to an activity, if it is their first time attending.
  • Supporting a person with dementia to form a small social group with other older people, based on a shared interest or hobby.
  • Maintaining social contact with people with dementia through telephone provide conversation, a listening ear and encouragement.
  • Supporting older people to exchange skills, experiences and knowledge with other people with dementia  in their community.
  • Listening carefully to a person’s concerns and letting the Community Helpers Manager know about these, so that further help can be given if necessary.

 Due to the needs of service users, volunteers are required to:

  • Participate in an induction and training period 
  • Comply with Age UK Sutton policies on Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety and Confidentiality


Dementia Buddies Volunteers must:

• Be reliable and trustworthy.
• Be enthusiastic about enabling and empowering people with dementia and their carers to improve their wellbeing through social interaction and activities.
• Have a strong sense of empathy about the needs of people with dementia who find it difficult to engage with others in their community.
• Have a good knowledge and understanding of the needs of people with dementia and the challenges they face.
• Have good listening skills, a warm and friendly manner and the ability to help put people at the ease.
• Have a “can do” attitude and a creative mind set.
• Have an ability and desire to explore what individual people with dementia have to offer others in the community, in terms of their life experience, knowledge and giving enjoyment to others.


• A previous role in the community which involves working alongside marginalised groups of people to be more empowered and involved in activities (this could be voluntary or paid).
• An interest in a specific hobby or activity in anything from music, art, current affairs, scrabble, sport, local history, knitting, craft activities, strolls in the park, reading, having cups of tea!

Apply Online below or contact the Community Helpers Manager for more information on 0208 770 6959.

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