The Digital Jungle can seem quite daunting for people who aren't familiar with it. As a Digital Buddy, you'll act as a guide and navigator, carving a path of understanding through the technology and showing people the benefits and ways of mastering the Digital Jungle. 

Digital Buddy volunteer

What does a Digital Buddy do?  

  • Works with people on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting to teach them a range of digital skills including but not limited to how to use a computer/tablet/laptop, getting online, setting up and using email, Skype and other online communication tools
  • Informing and educating people on the benefits of getting online and using digital technology
  • Supporting people to develop their IT skills and become more confident in the use of digital technology

Digital Buddies play an important role in boosting the wellbeing of people, by giving them the tools and know-how to connect with the world. 

Is it for me?

You don't have to be techie wizard to be a Digital Buddy, but computer confidence is essential. You should be able to teach someone basic computer and Internet skills, and be comfortable with using different devices such as tablets, laptops or smartphones. 

Remember, you are a guide in the Digital Jungle so patience, a friendly manner and good communication skills are important. 

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