Information & Advice Volunteers are the first port of call for people seeking help. Whether via email, telephone or a walk-in appointment, the individuals who come to Information & Advice need help and guidance, and that is exactly what our I&A volunteers provide. 

information and advice

Helping at the frontline of Age UK Sutton, I&A volunteers might find themselves:  

  • Chatting to clients in person, over the telephone or at outreach sessions to identify information most relevant to the client's situation 
  • Researching, presenting and discussing information with clients in an accessible form, enabling them to identify a satisfactory solution
  • Referring clients to appropriate Age UK Sutton services that can help, as well as other services in the community
  • Assisting clients in the office or making home visits to conduct benefit checks and reviews, and helping to complete and check paperwork

Is it for me? 

A keen listener, with good communication skills would do well in this role. There's a lot to learn at first, so a willingness to attend training sessions, assimilate information and keep up to date on new developments is important. Each client is different, so an open and flexible frame of mind will be your friend, and some quick thinking can't hurt! You're right at the front of the house, dealing directly with clients so 'people skills' are a must. 

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