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We hope that you find the services provided by Age UK York helpful and supportive. We would always welcome your comments and suggestions on how our services could be improved.

Naturally, being told when we do things particularly well pleases and encourages us, but if you have a complaint we like you to let us know so we can look into the matter.

In the first instance, please give your complaints, compliments and comments to the organiser of your service.

In the case of a complaint, if there is a problem that remains unresolved by the service organiser, please contact the Chief Officer of Age UK York, who may ask you to put your comments in writing or arrange for your comments to be recorded and agreed with you.

We hope that by this stage any difficulty would have been solved. However, if you are unhappy, you have the right to approach the Complaints Committee of Age UK York's Executive Committee and you may have a friend/relative with you when you attend the Committee meeting.

The organiser of your service, the Chief Officer of Age UK York and the Complaints Committee of Age UK York's Executive Committee can be contacted here.


Finally, if you still feel dissatisfied, you have the right to refer a complaint to the Executive Committee of the Standards Council for Domiciliary Care. This applies only to the In Safe Hands and Hospital Aftercare schemes.

We would be happy to provide you with the Standard Council's leaflet on their own cornplaint's procedure please request this at the address given above.

What we undertake to do

We welcome comments on our services from those who use them. All complaints and comments will be considered promptly, a serious effort will be made to resolve any problems and a personal and courteous response will be given.

All compliments will be brought to the attention of those who have earned them.