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Our Mission


No-one fears ageing. 

Older people feel connected, respected, listened to, supported, and enabled to enjoy a life of quality, opportunity, and dignity.


Making a positive difference by putting older people, and the people around them, at the heart of all we do; working with partner organisations, to improve the quality of later life and provide effective, timely support for those who need it the most. 

Strategic aims  

Age UK York has three strategic aims: 

  1. Working with older people, those around them and partner organisations, to develop and deliver appropriate quality services that are effective in meeting their needs and expectations.
  2. Actively represent the voices of older people to those policy makers and others whose decisions will affect them – this includes promoting positive attitudes to ageing, challenging prejudice and bias about older people wherever it may exist.
  3. Collaborate and build partnerships with others, to undertake joined-up working, making efficient use of resources to optimise benefits for older people.