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CST is the only non-clinical intervention recommended by the UK Government National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) on the management of dementia irrespective of drug treatments received.


There will be a maximum of 8 people in each group, and each group will remain together for the duration of the programme. This allows people to get to know those in their group, and form friendships with each other.
Each session will last 3 hours and include: CST, team games and re-freshments. The main activity will last for an hour and will include a range of enjoyable activities that provide general stimulation for think-ing, concentration, memory and the ability to connect with others. Each week will have a different theme such as:
• Current news and events
• Past travel and geography
• Childhood
• Food
• Faces and scenes
• Words
• Numbers


• Improves the memory and thinking skills of most participants with mild to moderate dementia
• Participants who took part in CST have said there was an improvement in their quality of daily life
• Helps participants and their carers cope with and live with dementia
• Enabling people to share their thoughts and feeling in a peer-supportive environment
• Provides respite for carers

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