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Our art exhibition has been extended!

Published on 26 October 2021 05:05 PM

Over October, our Art on Zoom Club has had a display up at the John Wesley’s New Room Café of art created by members of the group over lockdown. The display has been such a success that it will now remain in place until the end of December! We caught up with some of the older artists about their experience:

When it was suggested I could join Age UK Bristol art sessions I was not sure as I had never painted pictures before. I am so glad I decided to join this art class as it is one of the best activities for me to have become involved in; when I am actually painting to takes my mind away from all of the pressures I am under being a carer for my wife who is suffering dementia. Painting is a relief valve to me. I am thoroughly enjoying each session and the times I paint in between. In addition, I find it interesting to research art subjects that I feel inspired to paint. The music during the lessons is welcome and its great that attendees can suggest music to listen to. – Tony

A friendly GP prescribed Age UK Bristol, who have done their utmost to provide distractions, including signing up to Art by Zoom and other worthy pastimes. As a non-artist, this has opened up new exercises, despite a lack of inborn talent with colour management. The challenge has been key. Agreed subjects have been tackled with concentration (not always successfully).

It can be difficult to adapt from a photographic rendering to an abstract style, letting go of details and throwing away the graphics “buoyancy jacket”. David Hockney’s later techniques have also proven helpful, specifically the use of the iPad or equivalents.

The journey has often been more satisfying than arriving at destination. But that’s life, for many of us. However, the tips and encouragement have continued to be valuable, leading to some progress.

This continues to be a commendable endeavour by Age UK Bristol and long may it carry forward for other needy persons. My grateful thanks to the supervisors and my talented fellow classmates.

What comes next? Wisdom has it, “Don’t give up the day job!” – Rod

I am 85yrs old and am a retired nurse and health visitor. I’ve always had a keen interest in the arts and have dabbled in painting most of my life. I have tried other mediums but settled for watercolour painting. I am at present chair bound and find going to classes impossible. Sitting for long periods and finding something to do is difficult so the Art for All Age UK Bristol sessions on Zoom are the highlight of my week giving me an opportunity to meet and share with others in the group, and I love it.     

The sessions are friendly and relaxed. I am totally absorbed when I’m painting and the one and half hours (with a short coffee break) just fly by. The music we choose to listen to during the session is an added bonus. One of the great things about the sessions is that there are no expectations, we just have a go, do our own thing, share with others and enjoy it.     

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising this exhibition, I’m very much looking forward to it and I hope you enjoy it. – Dorothy

The art exhibition is free to visit and situated in the café at the The John Wesley’s New Room, (open 10am-4pm). All ages welcome. If you have any questions about the exhibition, or about joining the Art on Zoom Club, please email or ring 0117 929 7537.