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Sources of Further information about Coronavirus

Here is a link to Age UK National current advice on several questions, such as

  • What is Coronavirus,
  • What are the symptoms and
  • How to self-isolate

The NHS has useful information on staying at home

Mental Health UK has some detailed information on how to protect your mental health during this upheaval and methods to possibly reduce some of the anxiety and stress you may be feeling.

The Campaign to End Loneliness also has information on your mental health and links to further sources of support and information

There is an excellent resource for working parents and adults who aren't being given specific advice about Covid-19 at Parent Scheme.  This includes information on child care, working from home, caring for older parents and schooling with links to further resources.


There is a lot of new and confusing terms being used in this current outbreak.  We've put together a glossary of some of the most used along with their definition here.

Myth Busting

With lots of false information and stories doing the rounds, you can check the World Health Organisation's website to check which ones are true.