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Age UK Camden Boutique in Leather Lane

Interested in becoming an Age UK Camden shop volunteer, but want to find out more? Read Issy's story on how she became a volunteer for our charity boutique and what she gets up too.

How did you come to volunteer at Age UK Camden Charity Boutique?

Although I've done lots of different volunteering with Age UK Camden, I wanted to try something new. Not to mention I didn't really know this interesting bit of Camden before. So... I got involved. The first impression I got of the shop was that it was a calm, nice place to be.

Name one thing you like most about volunteering here?

All the people, the friendliness and generosity of the people who come in as well as the staff.

What is one of your favourite moments?

Hmmm... well, coming in every week and noticing the new things that have appeared on the shop floor (So, a weekly favourite moment.) I really respect how everything gets used some way or another.

Want to find out more about the role?

The Charity Boutique is a busy, friendly place in Leather Lane. It raises vital funds for the organisation, helping us to continue our work providing life-enhancing services for older people in Camden. 

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