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Whether you have half an hour free or a whole day, there are so many ways you can volunteer with us to help older people in the borough of Camden. Find out more about some of our current volunteers below.

"Volunteering will enhance your life and make you feel human again. There’s nothing better for a person than to be able to give happiness to somebody and get some happiness back. It’s a shared thing." – Costas, Dementia Befriender. 


  • Jen's Story

    Jen talks to her Telefriend for 30 minutes a week, which is a small commitment for her but makes a huge difference for her friend.

    Jen's Story 

  • Pipee's Story

    Pipee volunteers in our charity boutique, and loves that something second-hand is an item of great resource and value and love.

    Pipee's Story 

"Hearing that you’ve made someone’s week after a half an hour chat really does make you realise what a difference it makes to have someone to talk to" - Alice, Telefriends Volunteer 


020 7239 0400

If you'd like to discuss volunteering roles, please call us or email