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Wanting to make an impact in the community and on the environment too? Read Pipee's story on how she became a volunteer for our charity boutique in Leather Lane.

It's great to have you volunteer here. What are your favoruite things to do in the boutique?

It's got to be sorting donations downstairs to see what will go up, and rearranging and restocking the shelves once on the shop floor. I like people to feel attracted to the Age UK Camden Charity Boutique! 

What insight have you gained about charity shops from your volunteering here?

I've learnt that there is a mutual feeling of charitability within the shop team - we're all like-minded in the ways we think about things. Something second-hand is an item of great resource and value and love, it's so good it wasn't chucked in its past life. A plus for the environment, a plus for the people that the shop is raising money for.

What is your favourite department within the boutique?

hmmm... it would definitly have to be the bric-a-brac section!

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