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Celebrating Successes With Paul Coles, Our CEO.

Published on 29 January 2024 10:09 AM

"I can’t quite believe we’ve wrapped up another year together! As I sit down to reflect on the past twelve months, I’m overwhelmed with joy and pride, and can’t wait to share the incredible successes of 2023."

So, let’s dive in! ” 

My Ho Ho Ho:

To kickstart the festive season, we launched our My Ho Ho Ho volunteering initiative, spreading holiday cheer and making a positive impact in Lambeth. Our dedicated volunteers went above and beyond, delivering free meals to local residents in Lambeth. The initiative aimed to foster connections across generations, alleviate loneliness and improve overall well being. 

Through various activities, events and friendly visits, we witnessed the magic of meaningful connections forming over Christmas, addressing the prevalent issue of loneliness among seniors. 

Highlighting the spirit of selflessness during Christmas, Tina, one of our volunteers went above and beyond to assist a client in her 90s. Tina arrived at her house and faced an unexpected challenge, there was a flood! Not only did Tina address the original task of fixing leaky windows, but she also took on the daunting task of cleaning up a flood in our clients house. 

Successful Fundraising Efforts: 

The Christmas period also brought an abundance of good news on the fundraising front. We are thrilled to announce that we secured four grants! Among them, three grants from Lambeth Council, Sports England and Shanly Foundation, will enable us to extend our Exercise and Socialise project until August. This initiative is now set to run in ten locations, and will provide around 300 exercise sessions, benefiting well over 200 older individuals, helping them stay fit and healthy! 

We've also won a grant from the National Grid to launch a new project 'Safe at Home'.  This will include a new part-time Handy Fix worker helping to install home security measures for older people, and we'll be working closely with the police to target older victims of crime specifically. This will run over almost a year, so stay tuned for this!  

It’s been a wonderful year full of support, love and exciting changes and we hope you are able to join us this year in supporting the lives of older people in Lambeth.