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Energy Boost Successes

Published on 21 March 2024 01:42 PM

In England, nearly 1 million older households are living in fuel poverty. In an era where energy costs continue to rise, navigating utility bills and energy efficiency has become particularly challenging for older adults.

We're worried that soaring energy prices could leave millions struggling to pay their bills. At Age UK Lambeth, we wan't older people to feel comfortable. They often have health conditions made worse by the cold yet, many continue to live in homes that are hard to heat. For many seniors, fixed incomes and health concerns can exacerbate the impact of high energy bills. To combat these significant challenges, our Energy Boost service is a light of support.

Energy Boost's Impact:

Our energy boost service has helped almost 300 individuals across the borough of Lambeth to get out of fuel poverty with a range of practical advice and detailed in depth support from everything, including providing practical advice on home energy usage, negotiating debt or helping individuals apply for fuel vouchers or grants.

Simple measures such as giving out energy efficient light bulbs and draft proofing have enabled individuals to save hundreds of pounds in energy cost. for example, just giving out LED light bulbs have saved almost £2,000 in energy costs.

We're absolutely thrilled at the success of this service, and hope to continue helping older people combat energy poverty. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how we can help you with your energy needs, please contact us, or visit our website page for more information.