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Supporting Susan’s Well-being through our Homemakers Service

Published on 18 April 2024 03:30 PM

At Age UK Lambeth, we strive to find solutions to all challenges presented to us. The Homemakers service allows us to do just that. 

Susan’s Story:

Lorraine resides 100 miles away from her friend Susan, who lives in Lambeth and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Susan had been attending a clay for Dementia group at the Garden Museum at Lambeth Palace, where she received transportation assistance. Unfortunately, the service providing transportation to Susan’s group informed Lorraine that they could no longer arrange transportation to the group for Susan, despite being able to assist her getting home afterwards. 

Upon researching potential solutions, Lorraine discovered the Homemaker Service offered by Age UK Lambeth, prompted by recommendations from friends and online searches. She contacted Age UK Lambeth to inquire about the service’s suitability for Susan\s needs. 

After receiving the referral, Age UK Lambeth’s team connected with Susan to discuss the chaperone service and its benefits. Following this, we put a plan in place to have a chaperone, Claire,  accompany Susan to her Dementia-group every Thursday morning.

Lorraine and Susan provided glowing feedback about the service, expressing Susan’s happiness and trust in our Homemakers company.  Claire’s communication with Lorraine offers reassurance, trust and guidance. 

Lorraine expressed her gratitude towards the Homemaker service stating, “I would like to thank the Homemaker service for their care and support to the vulnerable living in Lambeth. You really make a difference.” This sentiment captures the essence of Homemakers enhancing the lives of individuals like Susan, facing Alzheimer’s, by ensuring their continued engagement and participation in meaningful activities.