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Welcome to our Blog. Over time, you'll find a wonderful mix of stories, news, the odd rant, and much celebration of people enjoying later life. 

  1. Half of adults aged 55 and over have experienced common mental health problems

    06 October 2017

    Nearly half of adults (7.7million) aged 55+ say they have experienced depression and around the same number (7.3 million) have suffered with anxiety, according to new YouGov research for the charity Age UK - revealing the scale of the mental health challenge facing older people in the UK today.   The death of loved ones (36%) ill health of themselves (24%) and financial worries (27%) are the most common triggers for mental health problems, yet worryingly more than a third (35%) say they did n...

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  2. Emergency appeal for people fleeing Myanmar

    06 October 2017

    Over half a million people have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, to escape conflict and violence.They are exhausted traumatised and in urgent need of shelter, medical care, water and food. Older people: Older people have been carried into Bangladesh by their relatives. Mabia Khtun, 75, was carried ‘through the jungle’ in a blanket. ‘I am unable to walk,’ she explains. According to the UNHCR ‘it is hours since she last drank’ and ‘she is wilting’. Age International’s response: We are working...

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