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Age UK Lancashire will continue to empower the Bengali Ladies community

Published on 06 February 2024 10:59 AM

Thanks to Lancashire & South Cumbria Foundation Trust, our Bengali Ladies Group will continue to meet up each week during 2024.

In December 2023, the Bengali Ladies Group celebrated its one-year anniversary and now with additional funding, more older women from the Bengali community can benefit from the weekly meetups at the Chai Centre in Burnley.

The group sessions have offered support to women addressing various issues such as literacy, health, financial matters, and access to services. The positive impact of these sessions is evident by a notable 23% improvement in the well-being of attendees, as indicated by measures from our Integrated Care service.

The additional funding opens doors for more elderly women to participate in the weekly meetups, offering them opportunities to engage in different activities, including food cultivation, pickling, chutney making, sewing, and crafts.

Julie McDonald, Integrated Care Services Manager at Age UK Lancashire said:

“It’s fantastic that we can continue these group sessions. We’ve seen the significant impact this is having on the women that attend with some telling us that they have a greater sense of peace of mind knowing there is someone there to help them when needed.

I want to thank Lancashire & South Cumbria Foundation Trust for their support as now we can look to grow participation by introducing more activities such as English lessons, yoga and exercise sessions.”

The group meet each Thursday, 10am-2pm, with activities varying each week. If you are interested or know someone who would benefit from these free sessions, please call 0300 303 1234.