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Glenys Halliday


I have vanity published six booklets, two being called corona chronicles written whilst in lockdown. Just written one explaining loneliness. 

I write lots of poetry, most funny but a few serious. 

Paul Craven

“Three Roe Deer”: This is the song that was in answer to MarjanWouda’s call to anyone who could add some song to her short creative video about the three roe deer she encountered on Darwen moor. 

“Peas, Beans and Barley”: This is my song in answer to a second request from Marjan about how the peas, beans, and barley were growing in Whitehall Community Garden.  

“The Dun Cow”: This is the third song, in answer to story of the Dun Cow, a local legend that she artistically portrayed over a few days on the Whitehall Community garden WhatsApp site.