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If you have registered using the form, we will aim to contact you within 10 working days.

Extra Care Register Form

If you would like to be added to the register, simply complete this form or contact us on 0300 303 1234 for more information.

Age UK Lancashire are proud to have partnered with Electricity North West to help sign people up to the Extra Care Register.

Together we aim to ensure that vulnerable older people across the county are able to access the support they need during a power cut. This includes regular updates throughout the power cut, support from other utility services, nominating a contact, password sign-up and helpful advice on reducing household bills and energy efficiency.

During times of crisis people on the register can also receive additional support, such as accommodation or hot meals.

Zoe Wiggins, Our Customer Services Manager said:

“Power cuts can be dangerous, even more so for older people but thanks to our partnership with Electricity North West we can help you to sign up to the Extra Care Register so that you can stay aware of the situation and remain safe at home during power cuts and times of crisis.”

Click here to learn more about Electricity North West.