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Age UK Portsmouth offers free home energy checks

Published on 21 September 2017 03:13 PM

Stay ahead of the chill this winter

Make sure your home is energy efficient

Home Energy CheckAge UK Portsmouth is offering free home energy checks to older people who are finding it difficult to keep their homes warm in winter.

Why do I need a home energy check?

  • Are you struggling to pay your energy bills?
  • Unable to keep your whole home warm in the winter?
  • Is your home draughty, cold or damp or have poor insulation?
  • Are you on a low income?
  • Interested in gaining energy efficiency advice?
  • Have you been diagnosed with heart or respiratory problems, arthritis or mobility issues?

Ensuring your home is energy efficient can help you stay warm in winter. It is easier and cheaper to heat your home if it is well insulated and your heating works properly.

Home Energy CheckAs we get older our bodies react differently to the cold weather and it takes us longer to warm up. Exposure to cold weather for long periods of time can make you more vulnerable to some health problems.

The cold weather causes your blood to thicken and increases your blood pressure, which raises your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Other conditions are also triggered or worsened by the cold weather, including arthritis, asthma and influenza.

What happens during the home energy check?

1. Visiting your home

We will visit your home at a time that is convenient for you. The home energy check will take between 60 and 90 minutes.

2. The assessment

We will check the temperature inside your home and whether there are any draughts. We will ask you several questions about your property and any current ways of saving energy that you are aware of, and we will inspect your heating system and any insulation measures you have.

Home Energy Check3. Installing equipment

Depending on the outcome of the assessment we will fit appropriate energy efficiency equipment, which could range from an energy-saving light bulb to reflective panels behind the radiator.

4. Giving information and advice

We will offer you some practical tips on how you can save energy to keep your fuel bills down without compromising on the warmth of your house. We may also be able to inform you of other Age UK Portsmouth and external services available in your area.

What's next?

To book your free home energy check contact us on 023 9286 2121 or email