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Bradbury Centre Temporary Closure

Published on 27 September 2018 11:33 AM

Dear Bradbury Centre Supporters and Visitors

I am writing to you to let you know that Age UK Portsmouth are, very shortly, entering into an incredibly exciting renewal phase and I wish to share this news with you so that you understand the improved outcome that will be available for your use and for you to share with your friends, encouraging them to join the fun too.

The Charity has been gifted funds which enable us to renovate the ground floor of our Bradbury Centre building. Public feedback supports Staff and Trustee concerns about how our now somewhat ‘old fashioned environment’ is truly able to meet public 21st Century expectations.

Having carried out research amongst our many Stakeholders, we are all agreed that what we’d like to achieve is a safe space for the public to socialise, get to know neighbours, chat over coffee and cake but also to be better able to shop for and receive information about supporting the progression of our own independent living as we all age and move through life’s many changes.

October 2018 is therefore the month of great excitement.

Building construction will take place to achieve our open plan environment; new safer flooring, open spaces, no more pre-paid meals. You can come in every day and stay, or drop in, buy a frothy coffee and snacks from the Café at your leisure – hair, beauty and foot care services will continue as will Café seating facilities. In the ‘new world’ there will also be comfy soft seating in a relaxed atmosphere if you want to knit, read the paper, play Bingo, participate in seated exercise, enjoy BoogieMites or just watch the world go by…

However, Building Regulations dictate that the public cannot enter the Bradbury Centre during this period of five days construction work and office staff will require a few days either side to clean, relocate furniture and get ready to welcome you all back!

So our very brief public closure dates are:

Closure: Thursday 04 October 2018 – after lunch at 2:00pm

Opening: Wednesday 17 October 2018 at our usual 08:45 opening time

To reassure you, all charity services that take place within your home will also carry on as usual – they will absolutely not be affected by this improvement work. Office staff will work through too and we will be located away from dust and building activity as much as possible. We are determined that our usual level of support for the people of Portsmouth will be maintained.

Finally, Age UK Portsmouth cannot thank Mr Nicholas Moakler enough for his passionate support of local Charities and the work we undertake for the people of Portsmouth; by gifting money in his Will, he chose for every one of us to benefit. He is an amazing man and his gift will ensure that our charitable work reaches even more people in the Portsmouth area.

Thank you for your support throughout this period of change and we will look forward to showing you around and making you feel at home in our renewed Bradbury Centre.

All the very best

Dianne Sherlock, Chief Executive Officer