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What is 'Flourishing Fivers'?

‘Flourishing Fivers’ is a campaign run by Age UK Solihull aimed at Year 5 and above, which helps children with:

  • Tapping into their entrepreneurial skills at an early age
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Helping social skills, build confidence and facilitate team working
  • Encouraging healthy competitiveness
  • Empathy towards charity work
  • Encouraging respect and understanding for older people

We will give each child in a given class/year group £5. Under the supervision of the teacher(s), the child can either then group together with others in twos, fours or whatever group size the school suggests and think of an idea which takes the £5 and helps it ‘flourish’ into more.

The ‘profit’ made, along with the original £5 stake is then given back to the charity.

When can we run this?

Any time of the year to fit in with the school curriculum. You can either concentrate activity into a single afternoon/day or run it over several weeks.

What support can we expect?

  • We will visit your school and launch the campaign to your students
  • We will provide the £5s
  • We can come along on the day to see how your event is progressing
  • We will publicise your involvement as far as possible
  • We will present the winning team/student/class or the school generally with a certificate and trophy at the end

Schools involved so far have taken part with cake baking, keepy-uppy football competitions, nail painting, games, selling sweets and jewellery and car washing.

As long as there are no health and safety issues and children are supervised, the limit is the children's imagination! We obviously wouldn't encourage children to go door-to-door after school and ideally, any activities should be limited to school premises.

Schools that took part in 2016 and total raised:

  • Balsall Common School
  • Castle Bromwich Primary School

Total raised: £700.54

Schools that took part in 2017 and total raised:

  • Balsall Common School
  • Castle Bromwich Primary School
  • Sharman's Cross School
  • Cheswick Green Primary School
  • Lady Katherine Leveson School
  • Smith's Wood Primary School

Total raised: £2,436.92

Schools that took part in 2018 and total raised:

  • Balsall Common School

Total raised: £51.97

Schools that took part in 2019 and total raised:

  • Balsall Common School
  • Yorkswood Primary School
  • Smithswood Primary School
  • St Anne's Catholic Primary School
  • Mill Lodge Primary School

Total raised: £1,165.24