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(1) Overall, how satisfied are you with the Age UK Carers' Support Scheme?




(2) How happy are you with your usual support worker?




(3) Does your support worker include you in what they are doing for you - do you feel you have choice and control?



(4) Have you had any problems when contacting the Carers Support Office?



(5) How has the Carers' Support Service made a difference to your life?

I never thought I would be able to leave him with a stranger but both (support workers) have been excellent.  Thank you so much, it’s like I’ve known them for years.


"I never thought I would be able to leave him with a stranger but both (support workers) have been excellent.  Thank you so much, it’s like I’ve known them for years."

"Nice to know there is always someone at the end of the phone to help. Everyone I have ever spoken to on the phone or in person have been so kind.

"Thank you very much for the wonderful carers you send they are always well mannered and polite and treat my wife with respect."

"My carer gives me peace of mind when he cares for my husband and my husband feels safe and secure whilst in his care."

"It’s made a wonderful difference.  I can get out do shopping, lead my Solihull Striders and Strollers walks with the older people knowing my wife is in capable hands with wonderful carers who can be trusted."

"The visit of the Support Worker every week gives me the time to relax and complete jobs which need doing which at other times are difficult and I am unable to leave my wife alone."

"My wife looks forward to the visit as she enjoys the company and also the reading they do together on local history."

"We both benefit from this weekly visit."

"It means I can go out for 3 hours either shopping, meeting friends for coffee or appointments."

"Wednesday mornings I look forward to, for 3 hours I can feel free."

"It is an invaluable service and we have been blessed with a very kind and delightful care support worker."

"This enables my husband and myself to have time together, just the two of us and I feel very confident and happy leaving my mum with our worker."

"Giving me time out from caring has helped me to relax and recover my energy, knowing I can get out to shop or go to the bank means I don’t worry as much and don’t have to ask friends all the while."

"I can go to my sewing club with peace of mind that my husband is in good hands and I feel so much better having that break and someone else to talk to."

"A big difference, a friendly face that offers companionship and help and is totally reliable."

"The Care Support Scheme has made my life quite a lot towards normal with being able to carry on supporting my football team, it means so much to me.  I know my wife is in safe and reliable care."

"A lifeline to the outside world."

"Enables me to go for lunch with my sister as my husband has severe dementia."

"Looking after a loved one with dementia is very stressful, and any help you get is very helpful.  Just knowing someone cares means such a lot.  And I know I only have to pick up the phone if I am concerned about anything."

If need further information, please contact the Carers' Support Scheme on 0121 707 0934

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