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Welcome to the planning for your future online hub.

Here you will find useful information to help you or your loved ones plan ahead to live the life you want.

This is part of a project that Surrey County Council has launched to raise awareness of the importance of planning for future care needs, understanding the cost of social care and connecting people to local support. In the UK, people are living on average 12 years in poor health – 14% longer than in 1990. This highlights the importance to plan.

Working closely with the council we hope to encourage residents to have early conversations about their future, what matters to them, support options, financial planning and help prevent them having to make decisions at times of crisis.

We want to help local people understand the different options available, how to connect to support locally and how they can stay independent and live the lives they want to.

We want to help ensure that everyone accessing care and support for themselves or others, can access information at the right time and place to make informed decisions.

Overall, we hope to improve residents’ confidence to navigate the local health and social care environment which is complex. Many people are not aware of what services are available, who provides them and how to access them. We aim to make this easier.

READ our checklist

Read our planning for your future checklist to understand the key things you need to consider when planning for a time when you’re not as able or as well as you are now.

JOIN US at a local event

Join us at a local Planning for your future event in your area to hear more. Our team will be providing information on planning for your future and giving you the opportunity to ask questions. More events will be added to this calendar.

LISTEN to people’s stories

Personal stories and perspectives from people we have worked with.

Useful links

Explore more information about planning for care, social care support and local health and wellbeing services:

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If you would prefer to speak to someone about planning for care, contact us via:

Age UK Surrey is commissioned by Surrey County Council and local NHS organisations to provide information and advice about care and support to local residents aged over 50 and carers.