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Benefit Entitlement Checks

Do you know what benefits you are entitled to? Find out exactly what you are owed, even if you think you're getting everything you are entitled to - it doesn't hurt to check.

Forget good luck, know your rights!

Billions of pounds in money benefits fails to reach pensioners' pockets every year. We want to make sure that you don't miss out. We can help you claim the benefits you are entitled to. In 2018/19 the amount of benefits obtained for clients in Surrey was nearly £3 million.

Claiming money benefits doesn't have to be difficult and can make a real difference to people's quality of life. Age UK Surrey offers benefit checks to help older people boost their income by claiming the benefits which are rightfully theirs. Our benefit advisors help older people right across Surrey.


Age UK has many publications, factsheets and information guides for you to download. These include information and advice on; claiming benefits, income and tax, money management, pensions, legal issues and consumer advice. They are ideal for those who wish to help themselves. Click on the link below which will take you to the money matters publications available to download from the Age UK website.

> Money Matters Publications

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