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Thinking of the future?  Lasting Powers of Attorney can make things easier for you and your loved ones.

Who will you turn to if you need help with your financial paperwork?
Who will be able to tell the medical staff your preferences in the event that you are unable to communicate due to illness or accident?

Age UK Surrey are pleased to offer a Lasting Power of Attorney service to Surrey residents aged fifty or over.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Lasting Powers of Attorney are documents that enable you, while you still have mental capacity, to appoint trusted loved one(s), whether it be a relative or good friend, as your attorney(s). There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney:

  • one that will allow your attorneys to help you with financial matters
  • and one that will help you with matters relating to your health.

Please call 01483 503414

For more information please call the number above or click on the email link:

How much does the service cost?

Our service includes home visits
One LPA costs £250.00 (no VAT)
Two LPAs cost £350.00 (no VAT)
For Spouses, four LPAs cost £500 (no VAT)

Lasting Power of Attorney Leaflet

Our LPA Leaflet is now available to download. If you would like printed copies please email us with the number of copies you would like and your contact details.