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Health News 2017

Published on 20 December 2017 02:24 PM

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Local GPs create videos to help self-treat common illnesses and ailments this winter

A group of local GPs have starred in a series of educational videos designed to help people in the Vale of York self-treat common illnesses such as cold and flu at home.

The bite-size videos were created as part of the Vale of York's Stay Well This Winter campaign, a Vale of York-specific version of the nationwide Stay Well This Winter initiative.

Stay Well This Winter has been launched to encourage people to self-treat minor illnesses and ailments at home, saving them a trip to see their GP in the process.

GPs from York Medical Group and Priory Medical Group appeared in front of the camera to explain how to treat common illnesses and ailments using over-the-counter remedies available at pharmacies.

The videos cover the following topics:

· Medicine cabinet essentials
· Cold and flu
· Coughs
· Sore throats
· Ear infections
· Back pain
· Diarrhoea
· Sinusitis
· Viral infections
· Musculoskeletal pain
· Anxiety and low mood
· Sleep disorders
· Fatigue

The videos can be viewed on the NHS Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Stay Well This Winter page or on the CCG's YouTube account.

Many illnesses are self-limiting, meaning they will eventually clear up on their own, so you don't need to see your GP for treatment. They can be treated at home using over-the-counter products that are available from your local pharmacy.

Dr Andrew Field, a GP and partner at York Medical Group, said: "As part of the local-focused Stay Well This Winter campaign a few GPs and I produced around a dozen videos to help people self-treat a range of common illnesses, which are especially prevalent during winter.

"These videos provide easy-to-follow practical advice about how to treat these illnesses with over-the-counter remedies, and they can be viewed while resting up at home because probably the last thing you want to do when poorly is venture outside."

Dr Victoria Middleton, a GP and partner at Priory Medical Group, said: "The videos contain the advice your GP would provide during a face-to-face consultation, so by following the advice in these videos, in effect, you're saving yourself a trip to see your GP when you're unwell.

"Of course you should make an appointment to see your GP if you have an illness or injury that won't go away. Please call NHS 111 if you have a condition that needs treatment quickly, or seek emergency treatment if you have a serious or life-threatening illness or injury."

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